Having organised a number of festivals, holidays and retreats over the years and teaching at a number of events, I am stepping back in order to focus my energies on delivering Teacher trainings and small group ‘homecomings’.

I am still committed to the idea of being in community in nature, treading as lightly on the earth as possible. I have been camping out since I was a tiny baby and still find it one of the best ways to return in the most physical way to the ‘groundofbeing’, I think we become calmer and kinder living close to the earth but have felt the need to draw things a little closer to home, to focus on smaller groups.

Here are the details of my level 2 Teacher Trainings, Collaborations, Workshops and Retreats. Some still being finalised.

TT level 1 With Keren Cooksey Falmouth Yoga Space  Next TT starts Sept 2020.

TT level 2 

Creative writing for Yoga Nidra Immersion Nov 2020

A special opportunity to participate in a smaller, intimate training online

Psyche of the Psoas  Garbo House Penzance Dec 5th TBC In person.

A sister workshop to The Pelvic floor

The psoas muscle deeply informs our posture, is often compromised by our sedentary lifestyle and could be a secret key to releasing long held emotional patterns.

Come and find out why and how in this experiential anatomy workshop.

We will explore the supporting aspects of this fascinating muscle in context of fascia and function and discover a deeper awareness of how it may be impacting our lives.

Watch this space for collaborative workshops coming up with Lizzie Bird

See for more details about teacher trainings and booking events held there.

Contact me [email protected] 01326 318776 for details of everything else.

Warp and Weft of Being  TBA  A Weaving and Yoga retreat. Making our way back home through embodied craft, yoga and somatic experiencing. A creative and imaginitive immersion of participation, belonging and exploration of past,present and future selves. Make a shawl, move around and into silence, delicious food. ** Two places left**

Watch this space for 2020 dates.