I am never sure what to say when people ask me who I have studied with, it is tempting to name just the most illustrious, but I have learnt most from my regular teachers, students, family and friends about what yoga really is. The teachers have been signposts, often for brief intense periods of time, whereas many people have journeyed with me. I have not travelled extensively to India, we learn most about ourselves on the practice mat. I am however indebted to BKS Iyengar as most of my teachers have been taught by him. So I will try a list, without becoming too gushy!

First and foremost, my family.
Khandro Dechen and Ngakchang Rinpoche – my most kind lamas.
The Aro Sangha.
BKS Iyengar.
Geeta Iyengar.
Prashant Iyengar.
Shandor Remete.
Manousa Manos.
Kofi Busia.
Most of the Senior teachers teaching in England plus visitors from abroad at workshops and conventions.
Pen Reed – for her astute kindness.
Richard Ward – Intermediate training.
Swami Pragyamurti – Bihar School.
Alison Trewhela – Yoga for Healthy Lower backs and encouragement over years.
Judith Van Dop.
Jean Kutz.
Uma and Nirlipta Dinsmore Tuli – Yoga for Pregnancy. and Birth (Sitaram).
Christopher Gladwell.
Derek Ireland.
Elizabeth Connelly – Introductory training.
Sasha Markowicz – Inspirational friendship.
Kate Haxton.
Andrea Fox.
Julie Deal and David Rose – 5 rhythms.
Jaqui Wan – For metta fun (acroyoga).
Richard Beale – Kinesiology and intelligent conversation for over 15 years.
Anna Atkinson – my cranial therapist and mentor.

It could go on and on, I have not mentioned many friends with whom I have taught or had amazing conversations with, it is all learning. Neither does it touch on the many artists and writers I have been lucky enough to engage with, either in person or through their work.